Performance Engineering

Cylinder headsMachine shop | Geometry & Suspension Setup

Cylinder Heads:

We carry out cylinder head repairs including:



Valve seat cutting using specialised equipment catering for all 3 seat angles

Unleaded conversions

One off porting and machine work

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements and request a quote.



Machine Shop:

We have many years experience engineering bespoke parts for performance engines, here is a short summary of services available:

Component lightening

Stress relieving


Machine work

Heli-coil thread inserts

Hot degreasing tank



Geometry & Suspension Setup:

SRE carry out professional road going suspension setup and racing suspension setup out at our facility. To maximise the handling capabilities of your car, we handle adjustable suspension setup such as:

Adjustable shock absorbers

Adjustable tie rods

Adjustable bottom arms

We have professional Tracking setup tools facilitating professional setup of:

Corner weights

Wheel alignment/tracking setup

Camber setup

Caster setup

Ride height setup

Weight distribution.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and to request a quote






Not Just Minis! Call SRE to discuss...

SRE’s maybe renowned within the mini world, but we don’t just do minis. We welcome all other classics and some not so. Please call or email to discuss your individual requirements

Rolling Road Tuning & Engine Mapping

Power Runs, Problem Diagnosis and Engine Mapping. Hire available hourly or daily. Club Shootouts very welcome

Performance/Competition Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head resurfacing, repairs & reconditioning. Unleaded conversions. Valve seat cutting including custom angles. One off porting and machine work

Geometry & Suspension Setup

SRE carry out professional geometry & suspension setup for both road going and race. We handle adjustable suspension setup and offer corner weighting, camber & caster, tracking & wheel alignment, weight distribution