Rolling Road Bristol

Slark Tuning (formely part of Slark Race Engineering) has over 30 years of experience in tuning ‘A’ series engines. Initially we used an engine dynamometer, and in more recent years progressed to a 2WD SUN RAM 3000. Using modern technology this system is much less punishing on engines and also allows us to test the transmission and drivetrain, after all power transmitted to the road is what really counts! Our arrangement of large fans, provide a fresh supply of clean air from outside resulting in more accurate and repeatable tests.

We understand that it’s not just the final peak figure that is important and more emphasis is put in to achieving a broad power increase in toque and power throughout the rev range.As expected, we are able to record torque and BHP, as well as other useful features such as:


  • Equate flywheel torque and BHP by measuring transmission losses.
  • For those cars with non-standard gear ratios, wheels/tyres,we have a very useful function for measuring actual road speed compared with speed displayed in car.This is also printed on an easy to read graph.This information can go some way to preventing fines and lost licences!
  • For mapping and serious “every last hp counts” tuning, the rolling road can be set to hold any rpm/speed specified.The bhp and torque are displayed in ‘real time’ on a hand held computer.Changes made can be observed as they are implemented.

Tea/coffee while you wait!

Print out of results provided




Torque, bhp, transmission loss print out & speedo check including 2 or 3 runs


 £ 50

Mapping, tuning and fault diagnosis


£100 for first hour

£75 per hour thereafter

Half day hire of facility

09.00 to 13.00 hrs


13.00 to 17.00 hrs



£ 270

Full day hire of facility

09.00 to 17.00 hrs


 £ 390

Club shoot outs 5 to 10 cars


£ 30 per car

Club shoot outs 10+ cars


£ 25 per car

Club test and tune days 8 cars max


£ 350

Suspension Set up


£ 45 per hour


  £ 10 each



Not Just Minis! Call SRE to discuss...

SRE’s maybe renowned within the mini world, but we don’t just do minis. We welcome all other classics and some not so. Please call or email to discuss your individual requirements

Rolling Road Tuning & Engine Mapping

Power Runs, Problem Diagnosis and Engine Mapping. Hire available hourly or daily. Club Shootouts very welcome

Performance/Competition Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head resurfacing, repairs & reconditioning. Unleaded conversions. Valve seat cutting including custom angles. One off porting and machine work

Geometry & Suspension Setup

SRE carry out professional geometry & suspension setup for both road going and race. We handle adjustable suspension setup and offer corner weighting, camber & caster, tracking & wheel alignment, weight distribution