Slark Race Engineering – Bristol Rolling Road Tuning

Not Just Minis! CAll SRE to Discuss…


SRE maybe renowned within the mini world, but we don’t just do minis. We welcome all other classics and some not so. Please call or email to discuss your individual requirements

Rolling Road Turning & Engine Mapping


Power Runs, Problem Diagnosis and Engine Mapping. Hire available hourly or daily. Club Shootouts very welcome

Performance & Competition Cylinder Heads


Cylinder head resurfacing, repairs & reconditioning. Unleaded conversions. Valve seat cutting including custom angles. One off porting and machine work

Geometry & Suspension Setup


SRE carry out professional geometry & suspension setup for both road going and race. We handle adjustable suspension setup and offer corner weighting, camber & caster, tracking & wheel alignment, weight distribution

SRE was formed in late 1973, when Bryan Slark left Downton Engineering. Neil (his son) joined him in 1986 and the business has continued to expand. Bryan started the business primarily modifying cylinder heads, eventually moving on to engine builds, Neil brought interest in the tuning side and ran the engine dynamometer before making the investment in a modern rolling road. Both Bryan and Neil have competed in circuit racing for a number of years so understand the requirements needed from a race winning engine. SRE still supply cylinder heads and engines from fast road to full race specifications. Rolling road tuning for all types of classics, road, track day and race cars. Carburettors and mapping catered for. We also supply a number of products for performance engines. Thank you for visiting SRE…